Welcome to All State Stain Removal

Welcome to All State Stain Removal

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 We are a nationwide cleaning and restoration company specializing in the removal of hard water and mineral stains from homes and commercial buildings.   

 We remove sprinkler stains that are there because of the local Pineview dam water, well water or secondary water. The rust and minerals that are in that water cause staining. 

 As a company we got our start with family and friends complaining about living in hard water areas where improperly adjusted irrigating and sprinkling systems can cover a foundation, vinyl fence, stucco, brick or concrete with seemingly impossible to remove mineral and hard water stains. We saw new vinyl fences running with brown and orange stains, foundations and stucco covered in corrosive mineral deposits, and brick scaled so badly the owner had given up trying to clean it.  

 Essentially, we saw the need to clean and restore these surfaces and set out to take care of that need.  

 Working with local contractors and technicians nationwide, we've built a company that can clean stubborn mineral and hard water stains from your home, business, fencing or outlying structures efficiently, effectively and quickly.  

 Whether it's a leaky or poorly adjusted sprinkler system, spray from cracked hoses or consistent splash from rainfall that's covered your foundation, cement or fencing with hard water deposits, we can remove the stain, restoring the surface within seventy to ninety percent of its original look and color. 

 So if you're simply tired of the ugly stain eating up the side of your home or you're selling your home and want to increase its resale value, give us a call and we'll work to restore the problem area to a more natural, clean state.Sprinkler stain rust removal services are comparable with carpet cleaning. Dependant on the severity and size of the stain, projects run anywhere from $200-$800. Within our standard service area we do a FREE AT-HOME demo at which time we can present you with a bid. 

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 Sprinkler stain rust removal services are comparable with carpet cleaning. Dependent on the severity and size of the stain, projects run anywhere from $200-$800.  

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