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Sidewalk Example 1

 Sometimes it's difficult to tell what a stain is and where it came from. Stain from well or city hard water has been mistaken for smoke damage, copper spray paint and even chemical spill. 

Sidewalk Example 2

 Many clients have been surprised to find that the big orange-brown stain on their concrete is mineral build up from hard water and are relieved at how quickly and easily it can be cleaned with our Allstate Stain Removal methods. 

Stairs Example 1

Here are 2 examples of stains on stairs caused by hard water, mineral, and rust deposits.

Stairs Example 2

 "We'd moved into a new home and the sidewalks were terribly stained with some orange-brown stain. The cement wasn't cracked or old so we couldn't figure out what the stain could be. A neighbor said it was from hard water and referred us to Allstate Stain Removal. We were very happy with the results-it improved the look of our new home." 


Driveway Example 1

Here are 2 examples of stains on driveways caused by hard water, minerals, and rust deposit.

Driveway Example 2


 Are you frustrated with the build-up of hardwater deposits and mineral stains on your concrete?  If so, you have come to the right place for professional help.  As you can see in the photographs above, stains can build up over the years causing unsightly brown, yellow, or orange discolorations. 


Above are some examples of unsightly damage that is being caused by out-of-control sprinkling systems and the same surfaces after our Allstate Stain Removal cleaning service.   

Sprinkler Stain Removal