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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you get mineral deposits off of paint?

 A: Yes, paint is cleanable. We use a cleaning agent that reacts with the stain itself, not the surface underneath.  

Q: Can you clean paint spray-over off my doors?

 A: No. The cleaning agent we use is meant to work on mineral stains, not paint.  .

Q: Can you remove hard water and rust stains from cement?

 A: Yes, we can. This is a fairly common occurrence with cement where pipes may leak, hoses may drip or metal may lay in pools of water and rust. We can clean it quickly, restoring it to its natural state. 

Q: Can you get graffiti off of my business?

 A: No. We specialize in hard water, mineral and rust stain removal.   

Q: Will the chemicals you use be harmful to people, pets and plants around my house?

 A: We deliver the cleaning agent directly to the product, following up with a deactivating
rinse to minimize any after-effect of the cleaning and restoration 

Q: Is it possible getting stains off wood without destroying it?

 A: It's not impossible. We've cleaned a lot of wood surfaces. We'll do a spot check, but the cleaning agent we use is meant to react with the properties of mineral stains, not wood or even paint. Some restoration may be necessary, but it will be small, if at all, and far less than scrubbing at the stain with a different cleaning agent. 

Sprinkler Stain Removal