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Siding: Vinyl & Metal

Before 1

 “We live in an area where everyone has well water. The water tastes great, but it’s not so good for vinyl and metal siding. We were tired of fighting a losing battle with our watering system until a friend told us about Allstate Stain Removal and how they could help.”

The Whitfords - Chicago, IL 

After 1

We applied the chemical treatment and within a few minutes the mineral build-up vanished. 

Before 2

Notice the door, and how dark and ugly the mineral stains are that have developed. 

After 2

You  see how fresh the side of the house looks after are mineral removal fomula takes affect. 

Spot Treatment Before

We applied the chemical spot treatment on the siding. 

Spot Treatment After

  You will notice that on the photo a square has been treated showing the results that we will get when the full treatment is performed.   

Shed Before

 The shed above is 30 years old and is severely stained with hard water deposits

Shed After

 In 40 minutes we were able to have the hard water stains removed, and this shed now looks great.  

Sprinkler Stain Removal

The Culprit Behind the Stains

 There are a lot of areas that rely solely on well water. Higher in mineral content than city water, well water can be particularly hard on vinyl, siding and doors. Usually, the culprit of stains on home or property surfaces is the sprinkling system. If adjustments can be made to sprinkling systems, a one-time cleaning should do it, but in many cases avoiding fences or other permanent structures is impossible. Like having your carpet cleaned or washing your car, in these instances a regular maintenance program can be set up assuring your grass and landscaping stays green without having to sacrifice the look of your fencing or home.