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Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fences Before Hard Water Stain Removal

 Before Allstate Stain Removal came to remove mineral deposits from the fence in the images above, it had been worked on several times by the owner using five different methods.  

 Note: pressure washing is NOT a remedy to this problem. The only safe and effective way to remove these stains is to apply our mineral removal solution. 

Vinyl Fences Before Hard Water Stain Removal

 As you can see, the pressure washers and methods they used did not work. When we came across this job in Ogden, Utah we saw that this fence had been etched out by a pressure washer and it made our job much more difficult than necessary. 

Vinyl Fence During Stain Removal

 As evidenced by the snow on the ground, it was a cold day. Sometimes our treatment takes a little bit longer on colder days. However, the images above show the fence after only ONE treatment! Note the amazing results after only one application of our mineral removal solution. 

Vinyl Fence After Hard Water Stain Removal

 Three or four treatments later, the fence looked good as new. Notice that after our mineral removal process, the stains have been completely washed away without damaging the surface of the white vinyl fence in the images above.  

Vinyl Fence After Stain Removal

 The approximate bid on this extremely stained vinyl fence was $650. The customer was about to replace the fence for several thousand dollars.
"I was frustrated that in order to water my landscaping there was no way to keep the sprinklers from hitting my vinyl fence. Allstate Stain Removal came up with the perfect solution." Genine - Houston, TX 


 We've run into this a lot. Sometimes it's just not possible to keep watering systems from spraying up against fencing. By setting up a maintenance program, a happy reconciliation can be reached-your plants and yard get water and the resulting hard water stains can be held at bay, cleaned just often enough to prevent ugly build-up 

 We advised the owner of the stained fence below to call us every four to five years to have her well water stains controlled and her sprinklers adjusted. 



 "I'd been at it for days-scrubbing on my white vinyl fence-and all I'd managed to do was scratch the surface underneath. Allstate Stain Removal came and had it cleaned in minutes, without scratching the fence itself."  Lloyd - Park City, UT   



 Lloyd wasn't the first call we've received from a home owner that had tried to scrub their fence free of orange and brown staining, but as Lloyd discovered, scrubbing takes hours of work and will scratch the soft surface of vinyl fencing.

Our method of removal is perfect for vinyl fencing as it does not require abrasive contact with the surface. 

Sprinkler Stain Removal

 Are you frustrated with the build-up of hard water deposits and mineral stains on your vinyl fence ? 
If so, you have come to the right place for professional help.  As you can see in the photographs above, stains can build up over the years causing unsightly brown, yellow, or orange discolorations.  Here above are some examples of unsightly damage that is being caused by out-of-control sprinkling systems and the same surfaces after our Allstate Stain Removal cleaning service. 

We normally have 70-95% success of restoring the fence to its natural state, but we also often have 100% success.  If you are tired of unsightly hardwater deposits or mineral stains affecting your vinyl fence and you would like to see a change, please contact us to schedule our professional hardwater and mineral removal and restoration services.